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canceled due to weather

  • The DMS wrestling tournament at DHS for today has been canceled.
  • No practice tonight at DMS for wrestling or basketball.
  • DPS has canceled the 6th grade Basketball Jamboree that was scheduled for tonight and tomorrow. This will not be rescheduled.
  • 7th & 8th Grade basketball games vs Williston for Saturday canceled.

School Safety

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School Safety

Dear DMS Families,

At DMS we regularly practice and discuss school safety. Every month we practice a school safety drill, then reflect on how we can improve. Last week we met with 6th and 7th grade students during circle time (8th grade will be after Turkey Day) and discussed school safety. This time provided an avenue for students to share some of their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. As a family member you may drop off and pick up your child, attend activities, or even come into the school at times. If you ever have a question or idea regarding school safety, please feel free to contact me. Your child’s safety is our number one concern.


 Marcus Lewton

Shawn Leiss

Cassie Francis


DMS Administrative Team

Veterans Day Assembly

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DMS students in 8th grade had a Veteran’s Day assembly Friday morning. Several weeks ago 8th-grade students in Mr. O and Mrs. Emard’s history classes wrote thank you letters to currently serving soldiers. This past week students had a lesson regarding World War 1 and Vietnam. Since Sunday, Veteran’s Day, is the 100th anniversary of the Armistice ending World War 1, 8th-grade history teachers figured they should do something special. Brian Benesh is a Veteran of the Vietnam War and Mr. Obrigewitch, a Veteran of the Gulf War, they thought they could have students do a comparative analysis of the two. This goes back to the Veteran’s Day holiday, to make students aware of their civic duty to support all Veterans as well.Mr. Obrigewitch

Mr. Benesh

Mr. Benesh

Mr Benesh

6th Boys BB Schedule

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6th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule for Remainder of the Year!


Click for Schedule

Kindness in our Community and School

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kindness food drive

As part of the 6th grades PBL Project, “Kindness in our Community and School”. they will be collecting canned food for the Amen Food Pantry November 5th -November 16th.


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Attendance matters

Protecting instruction time for all kids is an important job of school administration. When students are late to class they interrupt the learning of 25 other students. You can be assured that we do everything we can to protect your child’s learning time. When students are tardy they will serve a lunch detention that day or the next day (if tardy is in p.m.) over their lunch hour. This practice has cut down on interruption of the classroom and helped ensure learning time is protected. We understand that accidents happen and teachers are encouraged to use their best judgement in
determining if a child is tardy. If you drop your child off in the morning and have car problems or another issue that has prevented you from dropping your child off at school on time; please contact the front office at 456-0021. We do understand life happens and on occasion we are all late.