8th Grade Staff

Mr. Andrew DesRosier – Language – Team A

Mr DesRosieradesrosier@dpsnd.org

Ms. Hannah Farstveet – History/ND Study – Team A

Ms Farstveethfarstveet@dpsnd.org


Mrs. Marilyn Pilalis – ELA – Team A

Mrs Pilalismpilalis@dpsnd.org

Mr. Patrick Ahmann – Math – Team A

My name is Patrick Ahmann. I teach 8th grade Math. This will be my 18th year of teaching. I spent the last few years teaching math at the middle school level in Meridian, Idaho.   At home, I have one 6 year old daughter, Ellisyn, who is now in kindergarten. I just celebrated 12 years of marriage this past summer with my beautiful wife Tiffany. We also have a 10 year old yellow lab named Moxie.   I enjoy traveling with my family, coaching sports, and just staying active with a variety of activities during my free time.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  I look forward to having a great year at DMS and getting to know my awesome students.

Mr. Ahmannpahmann@dpsnd.org

Ms. Jennifer Leslie – Science – Team A

Ms. Leslie teaches 8th grade Earth Science and an Environmental elective at Dickinson Middle School.

Ms Leslie


Ms. Leslie Webpage

Water Life Game

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Mrs. Tiffany Aman – ELA – Team B

Mrs Amantaman@dpsnd.org

Mrs. Betsy Brandvik – ELA – Team B

Mrs. Brandvikbbrandvik@dpsnd.org

The Dust Bowl Links

Americas Library

American Historama

Mr. Scott Obrigewitch – History/ND Study – Team B

Mr Obrigewitch



Mrs. Michelle Dacar – Math – Team B

Mrs Dacar



Ms. Liane Filkowski – Science – Team B

Ms Filkowski


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