Encore Staff

Mr. John Wilson – Art

John Wilson teaches 7th and 8th grade Art classes at DMS. Mr. Wilson coaches freshmen football and is DMS’s Photography Club and Yearbook Adviser. He taught at Hagen 13 years. John attended junior college at Dawson Community College in his home town Glendive MT, earning an Associates of Art Degree and finished his Elementary Education Degree at Dickinson State University here in Dickinson. DMS offers 4 Art classes available for 7th and 8th graders to explore many drawing, painting and sculpting media. Mr. Wilson’s favorite part of working at DMS is getting to know his students on an individual level and guiding each of them toward their discovery of artist creativity. John is married and has 3 children. Mr. Wilson


Mr. Dan Glasser – Physical Education

Mr. Glasser


Mrs. Mary Hoherz – Physical Education

Mrs. Hoherz


Mr. Dan Olson – Physical Education

Mr. Olson


Mrs. Brandi Jangula – Computer Applications & Keyboarding

Mrs. Jangula


Mrs. Marilyn Larsen – SDL

Mrs. Larsen


Ms. Paula Williams – Spanish A-B

I started teaching Spanish in the Dickinson Public School district in 2013. Before that I taught ITV (kinda like ʺSkypeʺ style) in the South Heart School district. I graduated from DHS and DSU and the Fall 2017 begins my 10th year as an educator. I have a degree in Psychology as well and that often finds its way in to my Spanish classroom. I live to learn! I have always loved school and now it is just so much better because I fill my heart each school day with wonderful students with amazing personalities. I stand by the motto ʺBuild a better youʺ. There is no one that can replace you and no one that matters more than yourself. Grow from your education and life experiences and I hope that in my classroom my students will see that I am always trying to build a better me. I enjoy teaching so much but also occupy my time with my 6th grade daughter, my roller derby league, and running part of the show for the community Alive @ 5 event with the Odd Fellows Lodge.

When you need something to believe in, start with YOURSELF.

Mrs. Williams


Mrs. Laurae Dykema – Music

Mrs. Dykema



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Mr. Les Dykema – Music

Les Dykema  taught Band and Choir at Hagen Junior High from 1999-2016 when DMS was opened. He has also taught music in Killdeer and South Heart.

Mr. Dykema



DMS Bands

Mrs. Kim Goodall – Communications A-B

Mrs. Goodall


Mrs. Tiffany Aman – Communications A-B

Mrs. Aman


Ms. Erin Waldorf – Communications A-B

Mrs. Waldorf


Mr. Dani Kapple – Library Skills

Mrs. Kappel