NDPFS Youth Survey

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Your child’s school will be taking part in the North Dakota Partnerships for Success (NDPFS YS). This survey is sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Human Services with funds from the Partnerships for Success State Incentive Grant. The following link contains a Parent Information Letter.

NDPFS YS Parent Letter

Dear Families!

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How to Connect

Dear Families,

 I sometimes struggle to get my children to talk to me after school. If you are tired of listening to the following:

Parent: How was school?

Child: Good.



You may want to try some of the following leading questions, followed by a specific question:

  • Did you have fun today? Why was it fun?
  • Did you learn anything? Why do you feel that is important?
  • Did you improve (specific course) since last time? How did you accomplish this?
  • Did you help a another student today? Why did you help them?
  • Did you conduct yourself well today? Why is this important to you?
  • Did you do your best today? How does that feel?
  • Did you appreciate anything about your friends today? Why is that important?
  • Did you develop any great qualities today? How might these be important in your future?

Shout Out!

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state gymnastics champs

state wrestling champs

gymnastics champs

DMS Spelling B winners Stark County

Mathcounts team

pictures of Henry Nelson 3rd

A Honor Roll

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DMS – A Honor Roll – Second Quarter

Honor Roll List

Geo Bee Winners!

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Congratulations to Tyson Twardoski on winning this year’s DMS Geography Bee! Finishing in second place was Kelby Gion, and finishing in third place was Abby Lange!

Geo Bee Winners

L>R: Tyson, Abby, & Kelby